Designing Your Dream Outdoor Space: Aluminium Pergola Ideas

Designing Your Dream Outdoor Space: Aluminium Pergola Ideas

Simply the thought of having an aluminium pergola could bring a wide array of glamorous images to your mind. Imagine, say, lifting yourself out of an outdoor swimming pool before heading over to a nearby pergola where you would be able to sip cocktails in the shade.

However, it is important that, whether you are eager to incorporate a pergola into something ambitious — like, as we have illustrated, a poolside lounge — or instead just a backyard garden, you think carefully about how to make sure the pergola will fit in harmoniously with the rest of your outdoor space’s design.

Select a Sensible Size of Pergola  

In other words, make sure the pergola you opt for won’t overwhelm the overall space where it is set to be placed. If that space is in New Zealand’s most populous city, Auckland, we can give you an aluminium pergola in any of various sizes we offer, including:

  • 3 x 3m
  • 3 x 4m
  • 6 x 4m

Of course, where exactly a pergola is positioned can also have implications for how well it suits its new backdrop. Where exactly the pergola should be positioned can depend on whether you want to use it as an outdoor extension or instead an independent structure kept a physical distance from your house.

Consider How You Will Use the Pergola 

Maybe you will be spending long stretches of time in the pergola, using it as a place for having dinner with friends or catching up on that new Kindle book?

In situations like these, you could easily appreciate our Pergo-X motorised pergola, as it offers full coverage against rainy weather.

It’s also possible to source an aluminium pergola that comes complete with sliding glass doors, enabling you to enjoy regularly using the pergola over the course of the year without being exposed to harsh elements, such as strong wind and bright sunshine.

These glass doors can also aid you in ensuring a smooth, seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, making it even easier for you to switch between them as and when you wish.

Order a Pergola from Ata Home Experts Today

If you live in Auckland, we would be happy to provide you with an aluminium pergola for your home in this city. To place your order for this semi-permanent structure or ask us any questions you may have about its features, such as its wind rating and internal gutter system, please ring 021 146 9366.