Top Tips For Choosing Window Shutters In Auckland

Top Tips For Choosing Window Shutters In Auckland

When homeowners buy a property, it is usually one of the biggest asset investments they will make. It makes sense that everything added, changed or removed from that asset will take careful thinking and assessment. Today we are talking about window shutters in Auckland and whether they will add value to your property.

Do Window Shutters Add Value?

Not every renovation executed on a house adds value, which surprises many homeowners. It is good to speak to people in industries that deal with home improvement and get advice on what elements or changes add value. For example, recarpeting second and third bedrooms does not add much value. However, adding window shutters to your interior or exterior has consistently shown over the years to increase the value of a property. This means that you will get a good return on investment for your window shutters purchase.

Window shutters are not a cheap add-on, which is probably why they are so valued by property buyers, but there are very few “cheap” add-ons that do deliver great returns on investment. Therefore, it is prudent to allocate a good amount of time to assess the different window shutter options, the design, the functionality, and the impact on your interior and exterior.

Your investment of time and money will reap the rewards in the form of a better sales value of your home and an architectural design feature that is classic and won’t date.

Planning Your Window Shutters

Here are some tips for approaching the planning of your window shutters:

  • Assess your home and decide whether you want window shutters on all windows.
    • You might want to stagger the budget and do the front facade first
    • Or do the windows that have the greatest security risk
    • Or do the windows that have the greatest heat challenges
  • Do you want shutters on all doors?
  • Do you want shutters on other openings like:
    • Interior archways to close off corridors to bedrooms for security at night
    • Outdoor, undercover verandah areas to protect the space from sun, wind or rain and therefore increase its number of useable days
  • Do you want the shutters installed on the inside or exterior walls?
  • Do you want them to be manually operated or by remote control?
  • Do you want them made out of aluminium or cedarwood?
  • Auckland properties are always exposed to sea air to various degrees, so aluminium will require less maintenance than cedarwood, but both are suitable for our climate.

What Benefits Do Window Shutters Bring?

You might be considering window shutters purely due to their highly attractive, timeless aesthetics. Window shutters do, however, also give you the benefit of:

  • Adjustable privacy
  • Great security
    • A very attractive alternative to burglar bars
  • Adjustable light and sun ingress control
  • Extra ventilation if you have the shutters on the inside as you can open the doors and windows and still be secure with the shutters locked.
  • Additional noise insulation
  • Additional temperature insulation
  • A space dividing screen that tucks away neatly when not required

Are you ready to install window shutters? Now that you have worked out your window shutters needs, contact the ATA Home Experts team for a no-obligation quote.