Versatility of Outdoor Shutters: A Comprehensive Guide

Versatility of Outdoor Shutters: A Comprehensive Guide

Even if shutters have been installed in several rooms of your home or workplace, you might not have realised that shutters can be affixed in a range of outdoor settings, too. We can explain to you exactly how, as we are experienced at fitting outdoor shutters in Auckland and Northland.

We can add outdoor shutters to not only exterior windows but also decks and patio doors. The following overview of outdoor shutters will enlighten you about their versatility.

Aluminium vs Cedar: Which Should You Choose for Outdoor Shutters? 

We can provide you with exterior shutters manufactured from either material — and which of them you choose can depend on the style of the building as well as what practical benefits you want to gain from these coverings.

For example, while aluminium shutters are highly durable and would excel at securing the building even when windows are open, you might want to go for cedar shutters instead if the property is more traditional than contemporary in design. Our cedar shutters resist twisting, warping or bowing.

Pick from Various Types of Shutter 

Some shutters have solid panels that can be opened and closed like doors, while other shutters are slatted, i.e. come with louvred blades that the user would be able to tilt to moderate the amount of light that enters the room from outside.

However, other shutter varieties can also have solid panels, slats, or a mix of the two including:

  • Full-height shutters, which entirely conceal the glass;
  • Café-style shutters covering only the frame’s bottom half;
  • Tier-on-tier shutters include top and bottom panels that can be opened independently.

We can also make outdoor shutters in custom designs to suit unorthodox spaces where standard-design shutters wouldn’t naturally go. We will start this manufacturing process after taking measurements of your property.

To arrange a free initial consultation with our team, please ring 021 146 9366. We will discuss aesthetic and practical options available for outdoor shutters in Auckland and Northland, enabling you to make an informed decision. We will also be able to take care of the installation work.